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Hi it's Pete.

I make a living taking pictures, and have been doing so the past 6 or 8 years in New York City. I studied studio art at UCLA, and received my MFA from Yale University. My cat Snake and I live/work in Bed-Stuy, and my hobby is learning statistical computing.

Feel free: email me, @pdpd.pd, LinkedIn, GitHub


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What if...I was on a plane sometime in February 2017, preparing to land in Bismarck, North Dakota?

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Wish You Were Here

post-Action sunset, trail to Turtle Island


One of a few for PHO

Available at nice places like Opening Ceremony, Colette, Hennesy + Ingalls, Ace Hotels ~ :) buy some.


Relativity V1, 2016. inkjet print, 16x20 inches. edition of 2.72

Available from fine retailers like McNally Jackson, powerHouse Books, and the finest of em all: Amazon.

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